1 Regulation

Confidence Pharmacy is a fully regulated company by the relevant UK regulatory bodies.The General pharmaceutical council regulate all aspects of pharmaceutical process 

We comply with the MHRA rules and guidance

The pharmacy team  led by  registered pharmacist(s) and can be trusted to consistently deliver impeccable services and offer appropriate advise 

2 Security

Confidence Pharmacy deploy  a robust  security software including:  and Secure Socket Layers to protect information submitted through this website.
We do not have access to your financial information which is securely transferred directly to our card processing agents, who securely process it on our instructions.
We may gather certain personal/business information(s) that is necessary to set up your account, for the purposes of billing, delivery of your medicine and queries. We only keep your information for as long as is necessary to process your order, process any applicable refunds, and respond to any complaints/feedback or to provide you with promotional information you have subscribed to.
Electronic transmissions are never completely private or secure therefore we encourage customers/Practitioners  to ensure that any computer (tablet or smart phone) you use to access your online account is suitably protected 
Confidence  Pharmacy complies with G.D.P.R 2018 AND Data Protection 1998. We will use the information you provide with other information we obtain about you to administer and provide the goods and/or services you request. We will not share your personal information with any organisation other than those directly involved in delivering these services

3. Commitment Agreement

Confidence Pharmacy is committed to offer and provide professional services,quality product with dedicated staffs at a competitive price in a safe and secure environment


All prices on this website are in GBP and include VAT unless expressly stated otherwise. We take care to ensure that all pricing information on our website is accurate but occasionally there may be an error. In the event that an error has occurred and the price charged is too high, we will identify all those that have overpaid and refund the difference. Anchor

5. Concluding a binding contract

When we receive an order from you to purchase goods or services from us, we will confirm that we have received the order by sending a confirmation email to the contact email address that you supplied. Professional codes of conduct and legal restrictions may limit the number and frequency of any item we are permitted to supply to you and, as such, we have no obligation to supply quantities exceeding the relevant permitted maximum and will charge only for those we do supply. We reserve the right to reject any order. Anchor

6. Payment

In providing payment card details, you confirm that you have authority to use the card and authorise us, or our payment service provider, to take payment in full for the items in your order and any associated postage and packaging fees and any other charges that become due to us under these terms and conditions. Anchor

7. Postage Costs

Postage and packaging is charged on all orders of medicines under  that are sent in the post. The different costs associated with postage can be seen under 'delivery ' on our website. Anchor

8 Prescription 

 Confidence pharmacy must receive hard copies of all emailed or faxed prescriptions not later than 72 hours as stipulated by UK pharmacy laws.

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