Welcome to your E-Prescription

Using confidence pharmacy's e-prescription is fast, reliable, easy and secure. Once you are fully registered and your account duly activated, just log-in and start ordering straight away. Once you log-in to your account, you will be able to create stock and your e-prescription orders including signing your orders, manage your patients, payment options and users. You have the functionality to  structure your account to have as many users as you wish to and you will be able to assign user roles to allow different people to undertake different tasks.

The ordering process possess no difficulty to use;once you are ready just click to add the products you need to order, once you have finished picking products, go ahead and complete the order, choose a payment option and your order will be processed.

 You can electronically sign your prescription orders if you are a prescriber. The account manager  can choose which prescriber on the account needs to sign the order; we will notify such prescriber via email that an order is awaiting their e-signature.


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